Jung History Vol. 1 – issue 1- Philemon Foundation


A semi-annual publication of the Philemon Foundation

Jung History, which will appear occasionally, will provide accounts of some of the ongoing research supported by the Philemon Foundation and other news. In addition to scholars funded by the Philemon Foundation, Jung History will present reports of significant historical research buycbdproducts publications in the field – Newsletter of Philemon Foundation


ERANOS – An annual conference in Switzerland, Eranos has been occurring for over 70 years now, and has been closely tied to Jungian, mythological and religious investigation.


ARAS – The Archive for Research in Archetypal Simbolism.  An extensive collection of images for use in the amplification of dreams, literature, and culture. The archive illustrates the universality from ancient to modern times of archetypal themes produced by the symbol-making process operating within the human psyche.


Jungiana – Beiträge zur Psychologie von C. G. Jung

publicações de M.-L. von Franz